.BZ (Belize)

Prices: Please contact us for the prices.

Registry Policies:  Afilias policies  and  www.belizenic.bz terms and conditions. Other rules put into effect by Registry from time to time: www.belizenic.bz

Required Registration Information: The .BZ registry is operated under the Thin Registry model.  Registrant contacts are optional.

Transfer Fees:  Transfers of .BZ domain names from one registrar to another shall result in a one-year extension of the term of the domain name. The gaining registrar shall pay an amount equal to a one year registration as listed above for each such transfer.

Registration and Renewal Terms:  A domain name can initially be registered for a period of 1-10 years. A domain name can be renewed for a period of 1-9 years. The registration term of a domain name may not exceed 10 years at any given time.

Grace Periods and Renewal Dates:  The following grace periods and renewal dates shall apply:

  1. add grace period: domains deleted within 5 days of initial registration will be credited back to Registrar; and
  2. renew/extend grace period: domains deleted within 5 days of a renewal will result in the cost of the renewal being credited back to Registrar;
  3. transfer grace period: domains deleted within 5 days of a transfer will result in the cost of the automatic renewal being credited back to the gaining registrar; and
  4. domain names automatically renew at the end of their term. The auto-renew grace period is 45 days, in which the registrar can delete the domain and receive a refund for the auto-renew.
  5. the Redemption Grace Period (RGP) is 30 days.
  6. the Delete Pending period: 5 days.

General Information

All registrars must follow the the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (often referred to as the "UDRP"). Under the policy, most types of trademark-based domain-name disputes must be resolved by agreement, court action, or arbitration before a registrar will cancel, suspend, or transfer a domain name. Disputes alleged to arise from abusive registrations of domain names (for example, cybersquatting) may be addressed by expedited administrative proceedings that the holder of trademark rights initiates by filing a complaint with an approved dispute-resolution service provider.

To invoke the policy, a trademark owner should either (a) file a complaint in a court of proper jurisdiction against the domain-name holder (or where appropriate an in-rem action concerning the domain name) or (b) in cases of abusive registration submit a complaint to an approved dispute-resolution service provider (see below for a list and links).

Principal Documents

The following documents provide details:

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - This policy is followed by all registrars.

Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - These rules are followed by all dispute-resolution service providers, with supplementation by each provider's supplemental rules.

Approved Dispute-Resolution Service Providers

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